• Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators
  • HART Interfaces
  • Fieldbus
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Industrial Security
  • Industrial Wireless Networks
  • Visualisation
  • Surge Protection
  • Process Alarm Equipment
Eaton MTL

Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators

Eaton MTL offer a wide range of Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators for Hazardous Area interfaces. From small installations requiring DIN Rail mount interfaces to large DCS/PLC projects, we can assist. The Eaton MTL4500 range offers integrated/cable connected backplane solutions for most DCS/PLC types, reducing wiring terminations, commissioning time and offering high integrity solutions.

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HART Interfaces

If you have smart field devices installed and you are not making full use of their capabilities, then you need Eaton MTL’s HART® connection system. Eaton MTL has solutions that provide the connections between the HART® field instruments, the control systems and the process automation maintenance software. Eaton MTL’s HART® multiplexer system provides on-line access from a PC to the HART® field devices for monitoring device performance. HART® devices may be selected for regular status monitoring and alerts to be issued if the status changes. HART® CONNECTIONS strip the HART® digital signal from the 4-20mA signal (which passes to the control system unscathed) and sends it directly to your maintenance PC. Thus giving you access to the benefits offered by the latest powerful configuration and predictive maintenance software.

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FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 provides an open, non-proprietary fieldbus network for control systems and field instruments. FOUNDATION™ H1 is intended primarily for process control, field-level interface and device integration. Foundation Fieldbus technology interconnects devices such as transmitters and actuators on a field network and supports a wide range of architectures, for both safe and hazardous area applications. Eaton MTL also provides Profibus and Modbus digital devices.

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Industrial Ethernet

Eaton MTL Instruments can supply a full range of “industrial strength” Ethernet products to satisfy the most demanding process applications. The Ruggedised Ethernet range is designed to operate in the harsh and hazardous process control environment and features multi-port switches, Ethernet-to-Fibre converters and Giga-Bit connectivity. For Intrinsically Safe Ethernet for applications requiring access into Zone 1 and Zone 0 hazardous area classification, including wireless network solutions, look no further than Eaton MTL’s range of Intrinsically Safe Ethernet devices. The 9460-ET Series delivers Intrinsically Safe “Power over Ethernet” (PoEx) with a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, allowing live connection and disconnection of the end device in Zone 0 or Zone 1.

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Industrial Security

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems have long been considered immune to the cyber attacks suffered by corporate information systems. The move to open standards such as Ethernet TCP/IP and web technologies has seen control systems affected by a growing number of both malicious and non-malicious network security events impacting critical infrastructure and manufacturing industries. Traditional firewalls are too complex for most security professionals to configure correctly and are even harder to set up properly on the plant floor. The Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution from  Eaton MTL Instruments is much more than just a firewall. With its centrally managed, dynamic Loadable Security Modules (LSM’s) it can provide VPN encryption, Enforcer Deep Packet Inspection, Secure Asset Management and control protocol-aware security solutions tailored to specific plant floor situations. The Tofino™ Central Management Platform (CMP) will configure, monitor and manage the functions of each remote Tofino™ Appliance so that it can be automatically tuned to meet the security needs of the devices it is protecting.

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Industrial Wireless Networks

In today’s process industries there are increasing demands for greater efficiency, higher reliability and lower cost of ownership of field equipment and supporting networks. Eaton MTL offers full end to end or part solutions to meet the requirements of your project. From plant-wide 802.11 network infrastructure in hazardous areas to simple sensor signal cable replacement, Eaton MTL brings the experience and the products to realise robust and secure wireless network systems.  Eaton MTL wireless technology supports industry standard connections and protocols which maximizes the flexibility of your system while reducing inventory and installation costs.

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GECMA Components has concentrated on the production of high-quality HMI and on-site operating stations for industrial and Ex-classified production areas for over 15 years. The flexible modular concept consisting of intrinsically safe components and the deliberate selection of high-quality materials allowing the CHALLENGER Remote PC terminals and EXPLORER Panel PC’s ranges to be used under the strictest of hygienic conditions as well as in aggressive production environments. Even under temperature conditions of -30°C to +60°C with no functional impairment. Equipped with ATEX and IECEx, GECMA HMI’s also set international standards in the operation and visualization of processes. AZONIX Corporation, also a member of the  Eaton MTL Instruments Group, has been supplying ruggedised workstations since 1993 to the Oil & Gas industry. The range includes HMI displays, data acquisition systems, wireless communication and I/O devices.

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Surge Protection

Eaton MTL Surge Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of protection solutions for all of your system surge protection requirements, and offers a wealth of experience in the surge protection industry.

The new Eaton MTL surge brand embodies the strengths of Telematic, a name synonymous with the water industry, and Atlantic Scientific, which has strong ties in the network, ITS and wireless infrastructure markets.

Eaton MTL continues to develop and support these markets with leading designs and solutions, as well as continuing to be a leading surge protection company in the process industry.

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Process Alarm Equipment

After 38 years of successful development, RTK Instruments is firmly established as the leading specialist in the design and manufacture of process alarm equipment. The products are used in all environments, including all hazardous areas, and across all process and utility sectors. RTK Instruments supplies alarm systems and associated instrumentation from a single sounder to a complete plant-wide alarm and monitoring system. Products such as the 725B and Substation (IEC61850) Programmable Alarm Annunciator are the most innovative on the market. The LN1000 Intrinsically Safe Alarm Annunciator and the SIL725 Annunciator (certified to IEC61508) are totally unique products helping to keep operators and the environment safe and process plants running smoothly.

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We offer the full range of MTL products; listed below are the most common.

MTL5500 Galvanic Isolators

MPA5500 Power adapter (AC)
MTL5501-SR 1 Ch Digital I/P fail-safe isolator
MTL5511 1 Ch Digital I/P relay O/P isolator
MTL5513 2 Ch Digital I/P isolator
MTL5516C 2 Ch Digital I/P relay O/P isolator
MTL5521 1 Ch Digital O/P isolator
MTL5526 2 Ch Digital O/P (relay) isolator
MTL5541 1 Ch analogue I/P isolator
MTL5544 2 Ch analogue I/P isolator
MTL5546 1 Ch analogue O/P isolator
MTL5549 2 Ch analogue O/P isolator
MTL5575 Temperature Converter RTD or T/C
PC Cable link for MTL5000/5500

MTL7700 Zener Barriers

MTL7706+ 4-20mA smart transmitter barrier
MTL7728+ 28V +ve 300 ohm
MTL7741 Channel switch/prox input barrier
MTL7756ac 3 wire RTD barrier
MTL7760ac 28V analogue O/P safety barrier
MTL7787+ Low analogue I/P safety barrier
BPL7700 Isolator, zener barrier, power link

Surge Protection

MA15/D/1/SI Surge & noise filter, 120Vac
MA15/D/2/SI Surge & noise filter, 240Vac
MA3145-230-1-R 1-pole DIN-rail surge arrestor, 230Vac
MA3145-230-2-R 1 phase + N Din-rail surge arrestor 230VAC
MA3145-230-4-R 3 phase + N Din-rail surge arrestor 230VAC
PM24201 Surge protector Rackshield, 2 wire module
PM24202 Surge Protector Rackshield, Cat5 LAN
RS24280 19″ rack surge protector housing
SD32X Ultra Slim Surge protector, 32V 0.4A
SLP07D Signal protector, dual channel, 7Vdc
SLP16D Signal protector, dual channel, 16Vdc
SLP32D Signal protector, dual channel, 30Vdc
VP08 CCTV video lightening protector
ZB24509 Surge protector, Zone Barrier RS232
ZB24518 Surge protector Zone Barrier, RS485
ZB24528 Surge protector, ZoneBarrier, RS422
ZB24540 Surge protector, ZoneBarrier, 2xRJ45
Surge Protector, 1-phase, 415V